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Octopus helps you to automate your .NET application deployments, whether your servers are on-premises or in the cloud.

You probably have an automated build server like VSTS Team Build, TeamCity, Bamboo or Jenkins. They are great at compiling code and running unit tests - the "continuous integration" part of continuous delivery. Octopus is your build server's best friend: it takes the output of the build, deploys it to the target servers, and configures it for the environment.

Octopus let's you automate most common deployment tasks without having to write PowerShell. That includes:

  • Replacing application settings
  • Swapping connection strings
  • Running environment-specific configuration transforms
  • Configuring IIS application pools and web sites
  • Installing and updating Windows Services

This 45-day trial is a single Octopus Deploy server, which is used to orchestrate the deployments. On each of your target web/application servers, you'll need to install the Tentacle agent, and connect them to Octopus. You'll then be on your way to self-service automated deployments. At the end of the trial, you can keep using the server either freely as part of our free community edition, or with a paid license.

A single Windows Server 2012 VM running the Octopus Deploy server, backed by a SQL Azure database. The image starts with a 45-day trial version of Octopus. At the end of the trial, you can continue using the free community edition of Octopus (deploying to up to 10 machines), or upgrade it to a paid license.

VERSION: 1.0.0