Ethereum Consortium Blockchain

af Microsoft

We are excited to bring the next phase of our support of blockchain on Microsoft Azure with the launch of an early version of the Bletchley v1 infrastructural substrate to the marketplace. This solution template is designed to make it sufficiently easier and quicker to deploy and configure a consortium Ethereum network with minimal Azure and Ethereum knowledge.

With a handful of user inputs and a simple single-click deployment through the Azure portal, you can provision a fully configured blockchain network topology in minutes, using Microsoft Azure compute, networking, and storage services across the globe. The network consists of a set of load-balanced transaction nodes with which an application or user can interact to submit transactions and a set of mining nodes per consortium member to record transactions.

Rather than spending hours building out and configuring the infrastructure, we have automated these time-consuming pieces to allow you to focus on building out your scenarios and applications. Through the administrator web page, you can configure additional Ethereum accounts to get started with smart contract, and eventually application, development.

For a detailed walkthrough of the multi-member consortium network, visit the detailed walkthrough.

With Azure Blockchain, you are only charged for the underlying infrastructure resources consumed, such as compute, storage, and networking. There are no incremental charges for the solution itself. Deployment will take between 5-20 minutes, depending on the size of the network. Once complete, you can access the administrator web page to get started. The URL for the administrator web page is the first output of the deployment.

VERSION: 1.0.4