Telurio AIM

af Imagine Communications
The Telurio™ Ad Insertion for Multiscreen (AIM) solution utilizes advanced adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming to deliver hyper-targeted ads to smartphones, PCs, tablets, connected TVs and virtually any other device that receives live or on-demand video programming. By providing relevant ads in real time across various stream types — including live, VOD and cDVR — and on subscribers’ preferred viewing devices, Telurio AIM allows video service providers (VSPs) to generate high CPM ad revenue for their ABR video offerings.
Deployments of Telurio AIM on Microsoft Azure are greatly simplified and reduced to minutes by purchasing Telurio AIM from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The Microsoft Azure Marketplace lets Imagine Communication's customers and partners deploy demo, test, or production environments in minutes vs. days or weeks using an automated provisioning process.

VERSION: 1.0.7