CloudXtream cDVR

af Imagine Communications
With CloudXtream DVR, all content — whether it aired a second ago, a month ago, or years ago — can be stored and played-out from cloud-based servers to any device at a viewer’s command. The software-based, virtualized technology delivers enhanced DVR functionality with the inherent advantages of the cloud — limitless storage, global accessibility to content, and the ability to deliver relevant, higher value, skip-free advertising. Imagine Communications’ advanced cDVR technologies are enabled by the company’s market-proven line of distribution products — Telurio™ Record, Telurio™ Packager and TelurioEdge™ server. Telurio™ Record is a software module that controls and implements the storage management and service logic of Imagine Communications’ CloudXtream™ Cloud DVR (cDVR) solution. Its primary function is to manage the recording requests and changes from end users, as well as manage interfaces with program information and recording engines. With the versatile Telurio™ Packager JITP, packaging of assets is performed only when content is requested by a user; this saves storage costs associated with pre-packaging video-on-demand assets, and simplifies migration to new packaged formats.
Deployments of CloudXtream cDVR on Microsoft Azure are greatly simplified and reduced to minutes by purchasing CloudXtream cDVR from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The Microsoft Azure Marketplace lets Imagine Communication's customers and partners deploy demo, test, or production environments in minutes vs. days or weeks using an automated provisioning process.

VERSION: 1.0.5