HPE Vertica Management Console

af Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Enterprise-Class Analytics that fits your budget

HPE Vertica Management Console (MC) is a database performance monitoring and management tool that provides a unified view of your HPE Vertica cluster. Using a browser as a single point of access, you can create, import, manage, and monitor multiple databases on one or more clusters. You can also create and manage users, and have the ability to map these users to a Vertica database. Additionally, MC provides a comprehensive graphical view of your HPE Vertica database with detailed monitoring charts and graphs.

This solution will automatically deploy Management Console for an existing HPE Vertica cluster. If you don't already have a HPE Vertica Cluster in Azure, you can use the Azure Marketplace Solution, found here.

During deployment, select the virtual network where your HPE Vertica Cluster exists, and this solution will create a new VM on that network that automatically deploys HPE Vertica Management Console. Once the deployment is completed simply connect via a secure HTTPS connection to the Public IP address of the Vertica Management Console using a web browser, and port 5450, i.e. https://vertmc.eastus2.cloudapp.azure.com:5450.

VERSION: 1.0.0