GridGain Enterprise Edition 7.6.4

af GridGain Systems

The GridGain in-memory computing platform, built on Apache® Ignite™, dramatically accelerates and scales out existing data-intensive applications without ripping and replacing existing databases. GridGain enables unlimited scalability and tremendous speed. Query times are 1,000x faster than disk-based systems and GridGain can be scaled out by adding new nodes to the cluster, which can scale to handle hundreds of terabytes of data.

The GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric, built on Apache Ignite, is an in-memory computing platform which offers a wide variety of in-memory computing solutions. GridGain sits between your application and data layers and provides 1,000x increase in speed and unlimited scalability to data-intensive applications.

GridGain offers unique advantages for specific underlying datastores such as:

  • Increases query times by 1,000x or more for Oracle disk-based databases
  • Reduces query times and enables persistent RDDs for Apache Spark
  • Reduces query times by 10x for MapReduce and HIVE
  • Enables ad hoc queries and ACID transactions for Apache Cassandra
  • Enables distributed MySQL with in-memory speed queries
  • Enables distributed PostgreSQL with in-memory speed queries

GridGain works with any RDBMS, NoSQL or Hadoop database and features a Unified API for easy integration with existing applications.

The GridGain Enterprise Edition builds on Apache Ignite by including additional features and undergoing additional QA testing which makes it easier to deploy, manage and secure in production environments.

The GridGain Enterprise Edition includes the following features in addition to the core features of Apache Ignite:

  • Management & Monitoring GUI
  • Enterprise-grade Security
  • Network Segmentation Protection
  • Recoverable Local Store
  • Rolling Production Updates
  • Data Center Replication

VERSION: 1.0.12