Cloudsoft AMP

af Cloudsoft Corporation
Bring Your Own License Enabled Cloudsoft AMP increases agility and reliability throughout the application lifecycle. It integrates with existing toolchains and processes, maximizing: - Developer productivity by allowing dev teams to climb the stack and focus on business centric code - Improve code quality by staging and testing complex deployments far more efficiently - Implement business continuity through essential policies for HA/DR that are made part of the application development process - Build operational excellence by having runtime expert knowledge that is codified as part of the application - Create IT usage awareness with real-time visibility of processes, infrastructure, and locations - Show IT cost efficiency by controling the scale and placement of applications based on ROI - Improve DevOps feedback cycles by making automated deployment and operational policies part of app design and test, transparent and consistent all the way through to production. - Use the right tools for different levels of composable blueprints: bash and Chef for managing software, JVM for SOA and policies, and YAML for parametrization.


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