Magento Multi-Tier

af Bitnami

Magento is one of the most popular open source ecommerce shopping cart systems. It is extremely flexible and has a huge variety of features to build just about any store. Features include SEO-readiness, multi-store support, marketing tools, deep analytics, catalog management, a robust shopping cart with support for multiple shipping addresses and more.

This solution uses two virtual machines - one for the database and one for the web server and application. Each node is individually scalable after launch.

Advantages of Using a Bitnami Solution:

  • Up to date: We track every Magneto release and update our implementation promptly afterward.
  • Secure: If serious security issues are discovered, we provide new versions the application as soon as possible, often within hours of the availability of a fix.
  • Consistent: All apps and dev environments are packaged and configured consistently across operating systems.
  • Free of charge: Only pay for Azure consumption resources. Bitnami solutions are made available at no additional cost.

Magento 2.1.2-2 (Ubuntu 14.04)

VERSION: 2.1.22