Barracuda Message Archiver

af Barracuda Networks, Inc.

The Barracuda Message Archiver enhances user productivity and reduces cost and risk by simplifying user access, email management, and eDiscovery/compliance.

Product Highlights
  • Journal Archiving for Compliance - Confidence that your day-to-day email operations meet government and regulatory compliance standards, and adherence to retention and defensible deletion policies.
  • Powerful Searching - Easy-to-use search capabilities, from basic searches for misplaced email to advanced Boolean searches for eDiscovery requests.
  • Retention and Litigation Holds - Customizable email retention rules, and the ability to designate auditors to apply litigation holds that guard against email data tampering.
  • Comprehensive Mobile Apps - Flexible and full-featured mobile apps for Android and iOS, enabling mobile users to search, download, respond to or even resend any of their email, even if deleted from the server. Searches are much faster than typical native mobile email apps, and with a much higher search success rate.

Running the Barracuda Message Archiver in Microsoft Azure provides an easy and secure way to archive mail from cloud-based email services like Office 365, giving organizations a protected, completely cloud-based conduit from email provider to archiver.

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