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Using MSBuild to Deploy to Multiple Windows Azure Environments

Udgivet den 28 februar, 2011

If you've used the Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio, you'll know how easy it is to publish your applications to Windows Azure straight from Visual Studio with just a couple of clicks. But while this process is great for individual projects, most teams use automated build and deployment processes to get more predictability and control of what gets built and where it gets deployed. In most real-world scenarios, you'll probably want to deploy to multiple Windows Azure managed services or subscriptions-for example for test, UAT and production-and use different configuration settings for each.

Tom Hollander from the Windows Azure Technology Adoption Program team has just published a blog post and sample project that shows one way to extend Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 to automatically build and deploy your Windows Azure applications to multiple accounts and use configuration transforms to modify your Service Definition and Service Configuration files. The goal is to make it easy to set up as many TFS Build definitions as required, enabling you to build and deploy to a chosen environment on-demand or as part of a regular process such as a Daily Build.

To learn more, check out Tom's post.