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Computer Vision API

Microsoft Cognitive Services Hack: Fake News Chrome Extension

6. december 2016

At the recent HackPrinceton hackathon, a team of four students tackled the issue of fake news, by building a Chrome extension for Facebook. The extension, called “FiB”, takes signals from Microsoft Cognitive Services API’s to classify news posts as “Verified” or “Non-Verified”.   The student’s FiB app utilizes the following Microsoft …

Principal Product Lead, Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services August API Updates

25. august 2016

Microsoft Cognitive Services is a collection of intelligence and knowledge APIs that enable developers to make their applications more intelligent, engaging and discoverable. Cognitive Services includes intelligent APIs that allow systems to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret needs using natural methods of communication; and knowledge APIs that bring the power of the web to developers. …

Senior Program Manager, Cognitive Services

Making apps more human: how the Computer Vision API brings intelligence to image analysis

1. juni 2016

When your goal is to democratize access to artificial intelligence, how do you give developers the ability to implement intelligent image analysis in their apps? You give them an API that can tear an image apart, identify and tag more than 300 elements, and continue to learn and evolve a it's trained. That's the Computer Vision API: a machine-learning image analyzer that any dev can drop into any …

Senior Program Manager, Cognitive Services