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New Channel 9 Video: "Speed Up Windows Azure Deployments with the New Web Deployment Feature"

Udgivet den 20 april, 2011

Last week the Windows Azure SDK 1.4.1 refresh was released. This refresh adds support for Web Deploy to the Visual Studio tools for Windows Azure. If you'd like to know more about how the Web Deployment feature works, then check out the new Channel 9 video, "Speed Up Windows Azure Deployments with the New Web Deployment Feature", with Anders Hauge, program manager on the Windows Azure tools team.

In this video, he demonstrates how the new Web Deployment feature, along with Remote Desktop, enables developers to deploy iterative code changes to a web role in Windows Azure in seconds. This means developers can make updates to already deployed web apps with just the changes onto the same running instance, dramatically accelerating the update deployment process.

This new feature is available as part of the Windows Azure SDK 1.4.1 refresh, which can be installed via the Web Platform Installer.

For more information read the related post, "Now Available: Windows Azure SDK 1.4 Refresh with Web Deploy Integration" on this blog or read Anders' post, "Enabling Web Deploy for Windows Azure Web Roles with Visual Studio", on his blog.