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New Channel 9 Video: NewsGator Aggregates 3 Million Blog Posts/Day on Windows Azure

Udgivet den 26 april, 2011

NewsGator was founded in 2004 to realize the potential of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to transform the way people consume information. NewsGator's Social Sites for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 provides paid users across the globe with an integrated, behind-the-firewall, social computing platform that supports collaboration and improves worker knowledge.

Through its Datawire service, NewsGator aggregates approximately 1.6 million content sources on an hourly basis. This service used to be housed in its own data center but the company recently moved the service to Windows Azure. In this new Channel 9 video, NewsGator VP of Mobile and Data Services Walker Fenton and Software Developer Brian Reischl share their tips and tricks for moving the company's high availability service to Windows Azure.  During the interview, Walker also discusses the benefits of Windows Azure's cost model and its deployment efficiencies.

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If you cannot view the video here, please click here to view the video on Channel 9.