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Cross-Post: Windows Azure Store: New add-ons and expanded availability

Udgivet den 24 januar, 2013

Executive Vice President, Cloud + AI

During the BUILD 2012 conference we announced a new capability of Windows Azure: the Windows Azure Store. The Windows Azure Store makes it incredibly easy for you to discover, purchase, and provision premium add-on services, provided by our partners, for your cloud based applications. For example, you can use the Windows Azure Store to easily setup a MongoDB database in seconds, or quickly setup an analytics service like NewRelic that gives you deep insight into your application’s performance.

There is a growing list of app and data services now available through the Windows Azure Store, and the list is constantly expanding.  Many services offered through the store include a free tier, which makes it incredibly easy for you to try them out with no obligation required.  Services you decide to ultimately buy are automatically added to your standard Windows Azure bill – enabling you to add new capabilities to your applications without having to enter a credit card again nor setup a separate payment mechanism. 

The Windows Azure Store is currently available to customers in 11 markets: US, UK, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain, and South Korea.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be expanding the store to be available in even more countries and territories around the world. 

To read more about the expanded availability and new add-ons to the Windows Azure Store, check out the full post on my blog here.