Draft—a tool that streamlines application development and deployment into any Kubernetes cluster

Nově dostupné Tato funkce je teď obecně dostupná.

Datum aktualizace: 14. června 2017

The Azure Containers team is proud to announce Draft, a tool that will streamline application development and deployment into any Kubernetes cluster. Using two simple commands, developers will be able to begin hacking on container-based applications without requiring Docker or even installing Kubernetes themselves.

This announcement is important for several reasons. Microsoft recently acquired Deis to support our commitment to ensuring Azure is the best place to run containers. The Deis team has been able to quickly build and launch a new tool aimed at simplifying container development using Kubernetes. The launch of Draft demonstrates the rapid pace of innovation from the Deis team to reach new, unique audiences. The team will continue to innovate at a fast pace and leverage Microsoft’s reach and scale to grow the adoption of containers on Azure, reinforcing the message that Microsoft + Deis = Open.

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