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Getting started on managing Service Bus Queues with advanced features in C# - sessions, dead-lettering, de-duplication and auto-deletion of idle entries

Poslední aktualizace: 07.08.2018
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      Azure Service Bus basic scenario sample.
      - Create namespace.
      - Add a queue in namespace with features session and dead-lettering.
      - Create another queue with auto-forwarding to first queue. [Remove]
      - Create another queue with dead-letter auto-forwarding to first queue. [Remove]
      - Create second queue with Deduplication and AutoDeleteOnIdle feature
      - Update second queue to change time for AutoDeleteOnIdle.
      - Update first queue to disable dead-letter forwarding and with new Send authorization rule
      - Update queue to remove the Send Authorization rule.
      - Get default authorization rule.
      - Get the keys from authorization rule to connect to queue.
      - Send a "Hello" message to queue using Data plan sdk for Service Bus.
      - Delete queue
      - Delete namespace

Running this Sample

To run this sample:

Set the environment variable AZURE_AUTH_LOCATION with the full path for an auth file. See how to create an auth file.

git clone https://github.com/Azure-Samples/service-bus-dotnet-manage-queue-with-advanced-features.git

cd service-bus-dotnet-manage-queue-with-advanced-features

dotnet restore

dotnet run

More information

Azure Management Libraries for C# Azure .Net Developer Center If you don't have a Microsoft Azure subscription you can get a FREE trial account here

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