The Azure Code Samples are currently available in English

Project Name

The DevOps open hack event is designed to foster learning via implementing DevOps practices with a series of challenges.


The application used for this event is a heavily modified and recreated version of the original My Driving application.

The team environment consists of the following:

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster which has four APIs deployed:

    • POI (Trip Points of Interest) - CRUD API written in .Net Core 2 for points of interest on trips
    • Trips - CRUD open API written in golang 1.11 for trips connected to the client application
    • UserProfile - CRUD open API written in Node.JS for the users of the client application > Note:PATCH/POST operations not functional
    • User-Java - API written in Java with POST and PATCH routes plus swagger docs routes for the users of the client application.
  • Mobile Apps - for iOS and Android which will display driving trip data

Getting Started

To understand each of the components above in more detail, please visit the readme files inside the root folder of each corresponding part of the application.


It is useful but not required to have a basic knowledge of the following topics:

  • Kubernetes
  • Azure DevOps (formally VSTS) or Jenkins


The provisioning of this environment for proctors can be found in the DevOps Openhack Proctor Github repository.