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Microsoft Azure Blockchain Workbench

New! Version 1.1.0 of Workbench has been released. Please see our Release Notes and Upgrade Instructions if you're running an older version.

This repository contains content and samples in number of areas, including: * Applications and smart contracts for Azure Blockchain Workbench * REST API (including the swagger file and clients for .NET, Java, and Python) * Messaging Integration * IoT Integration * Office Integration * Technology Samples * Data and Reporting(including CosmosDB, SQL DB, Excel, and PowerBI) * Deployment and Management Scripts and Upgrade Scripts

To learn more about Azure Blockchain Workbench, please visit our product page and documentation.

How to provide feedback

To provide feedback on these samples, please see our Contribution Guidelines.

For general product feedback, please visit our forum.

To request additional features or samples, visit our UserVoice site.