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River Logic

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We needed a very strong, application-developer-orientated PaaS capability. The platform needed to have the ‘base building blocks’ to allow our engineers to rapidly compose our application experience together with the tooling and environments to be highly productive. Microsoft Azure provided the ‘base building blocks’, tools and environments that our engineering team embraced. Azure PaaS also provides a lot of the background infrastructure management and the important connections to dev-ops, removing a lot of ancillary work from our team and allowing us to focus on the key application aspects.

Azure allows a choice of development languages and provides the following key capabilities including:
• Ability to develop on local machines and deploy to the cloud
•Support for rapid development and testing of the application with rapid feedback
• Reduced cost of code integration
•Performance, stress, scale testing of the application in the cloud
• Continuous delivery to provide the code (features) changes that can be deployed at any time
• Continuous deployment so that every update change that passes automated tests can be deployed automatically
• Ability to utilize Power BI, Azure ML, R, etc. and add value to prescriptive analytics

Azure enables the ability to rapidly prototype product capabilities and bring them to market, helping River Logic to gain significant benefits in terms of time to market. Advanced data visualization – the combination of Power BI and SQL Server/SSAS allows River Logic to solve very complex, data intensive problems and provide end users the ability to visualize the results.

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