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PASS SQL Azure Virtual Chapter

Publikováno dne 5 května, 2010

[This article was contributed by the SQL Azure team.]

Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) has started a SQL Azure Virtual Chapter. They are looking for:

  • Virtual Chapter Leader - work directly with Microsoft leads to get this group off the ground, connect with speakers, and bring a lot of energy to the PASS community. Preferably, this person will be at TechEd North America where the Virtual Chapter is launching, although it is not a requirement.
  • Marketing Coordinator - work with PASS and the SQL Azure team at Microsoft to develop swag, push messaging out, and get the community excited about sessions.
  • Content Coordinator - aggregate SQL Azure specific links, post meeting information, and facilitate conversation between users.

If you are passionate about the PASS community and have a background in the aforementioned areas of technologies, please send through your interest to VirtualChapters@sqlpass.org with the subject line “Virtual Chapter Volunteer Opportunity” and answer the following questions in the body of the email

SQL Azure Virtual Chapter Position:

Why would you like to serve as a PASS volunteer?
What makes you great for this position?
Please describe your previous involvement with PASS
Tell me one random and humorous thing about yourself

More information at: Professional Association for SQL Server