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New Field Notes and Real World Guidance added to the Windows Azure Technical Content

Publikováno dne 17 října, 2011

Last week we added 12 new articles to our growing collection of Real World Guidance available on windowsazure.com.  These articles are written by developers, architects, and IT Pros from inside and outside Microsoft who are using Windows Azure.  The articles provide an opportunity for these professionals to share detailas about their experiences using Windows Azure.  Articles range from tips and trick to in-depth solutions.

We have two series of articles available right now:

Field Notes are written by Windows Azure specialists within Microsoft, and presented by the Worldwide Windows Azure Community—Microsoft Services.  Last week we added four new Field Notes:

  • Tejaswi Redkar, a Solution Architect with Microsoft Consulting Services, wrote two articles that describe solutions that integrate on-premises services with Windows Azure-hosted applications:
    • Integrating On-Premises Search Engines with Windows Azure Applications
    • Integrating On-Premises Web Services with Windows Azure Service Bus and Port Bridge             
  • Tejaswi Redkar also provided an overview and sample code for Calling the Windows Azure Storage API Asynchronously.
  • Rahul Rai, an Associate Consultant with Microsoft Global Delivery, wrote Parallel Uploads to Windows Azure Blob Storage via a Silverlight Control, a walkthrough and sample application that uses multi-threading to quickly upload data to Windows Azure blob storage.

Real World Guidance articles are written by community members who have developed subject-matter expertise working with Windows Azure. Last week we added eight new Real World Guidance articles.

  • Jayson Go, a Consultant at RBA Consulting, wrote several articles focused on application scaling and performance tracking and testing:
  • Jayson Go also provided two in-depth feature overviews:
    • Windows Azure Diagnostics
    • Windows Azure Storage Basics
  • Adam Grocholski, a Technical Evangelist with RBA Consulting, wrote two in-depth conceptual articles:
    • ASP.NET Forms-Based Authentication Models for Windows Azure—Explains how to implement three different models for incorporating forms-based authentication into ASP.NET applications that are hosted on Windows Azure.
    • How to Connect to the Cloud—Discusses scenarios and implementation details for using the Windows Azure Service Bus.

We’re always happy to get your feedback Windows Azure technical content.  Please send your comments and suggestions to azuresitefeedback@microsoft.com.  You can also post suggestions about articles you would like to see in the future to the Windows Azure Documentation Voting page.