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Azure Government Blog: Introduction & highlights

Publikováno dne 18 srpna, 2016

General Manager, Azure Global

If case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been super busy here at Azure Government, and have been posting all our exciting updates and items of interest on our Azure Government Blog!

In this blog, we announce new functionality, how to’s, security and compliance updates, and invites to our Meetups and other related events. We’re super excited about everything that’s going on with Azure Government, and we’re committed to keeping you informed through this blog. We also welcome comments and feedback on the site, and encourage you to engage with us there.

Recent major new capabilities we have made available include: expanding our compliance coverage to include FedRAMP High, DISA L4, and ITAR support; expanding our CJIS support to five additional states (Tennessee, Rhode Island, Montana, Alaska, and Virginia); announcing the Microsoft and Red Hat partnership expanded to Azure Government; releasing our new portal in preview for Azure Government; and adding a bunch of new VM images. It’s been busy!

If there are any topics in particular that you would like to see, please comment below. To stay up to date on all things Azure Government, be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed and to receive emails by clicking “Subscribe by Email!” on the Azure Government Blog.

To experience the power of Azure Government for your organization, sign up for an Azure Government Trial. For all things related to security, privacy, transparency, and compliance, check out the Microsoft Trust Center.

Happy reading everyone!