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How to host a Scalable and Optimized WordPress for Azure in minutes

pondělí 15. září 2014

WordPress is one of the most popular Blogging Engines that not only allows you to create blog websites, it can also be used to create corporate as well as ecommerce sites with its oceans of plugins and extensibility. This post shows you a hassle-free way to spin up a scalable and optimized WordPress site in just minutes for Azure.

Program Manager, Azure App Service

How to speed up your WordPress site on Azure App Service

pondělí 11. srpna 2014

WordPress needs no introduction and is the fastest growing Open source CMS solution which allows you to quickly create dynamic website. The more plugins, content and customizations you add to your WordPress site, can start slowing your WordPress site. In this blog post we will showcase tips and tricks to speed up your WordPress site.

Program Manager, Azure App Service

WordPress 3.8 on Windows Azure Websites

pátek 31. ledna 2014

WordPress 3.8, code named "Parker" in honor of Charlie Parker (bebop innovator) is now available in Windows Azure Website. If you haven't upgraded to 3.8 yet, I recommend that you do. Here is my…

Program Manager, Azure App Service

WordPress with Memcached on Azure websites

pátek 24. ledna 2014

Are you looking to improve the performance of you WordPress website running on Azure websites service? If yes, then what you need is a cache to help speed up your website. If you website gets heavy…

Program Manager, Azure App Service