Příspěvky od: Sam George

Introducing the Azure IoT Hub IP Filter

pondělí 21. listopadu 2016

As more businesses turn to the Internet of Things (IoT), security and privacy are often top of mind. Our goal at Microsoft is to keep our customers' IoT solutions secure. As part of our ongoing…

Director, Azure Internet of Things

Azure IoT Gateway SDK integrates support for Azure Functions

pondělí 10. října 2016

We are happy to announce an exciting new capability we’ve added to the IoT Gateway SDK: Support for Azure Functions. With Azure Functions integration, developers can easily call cloud-based logic from their IoT gateway. Just write an Azure Function and you can quickly call it from a Function Module in the Azure IoT Gateway SDK.

Director, Azure Internet of Things

Azure IoT loves Open Source

středa 5. října 2016

I’m pleased to announce the release of a new open source library to connect to Azure IoT Hub. IoTHubReact is an Akka Stream library now available on GitHub.

Director, Azure Internet of Things