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Příspěvky od: Ricardo Duncan

Low-code development series: Modernize your IoT future with Azure and Microsoft Power Platform

pondělí 10. května 2021

This month’s webinar is “Unlock the Future of Azure IoT through Power Platform.” In this blog, I will briefly recap LCAD on Azure, provide an overview of IoT on Azure and Azure Functions, how to pull an Azure Function into Power Automate, and how to integrate your Power Automate flow into Power Apps.

Product Marketing Manager

A deep dive into serverless applications on Power Apps and Azure

pondělí 22. února 2021

In 2021, each month, we will be releasing a monthly blog covering the webinar of the month for the Low-code application development (LCAD) on Azure solution. LCAD on Azure is a new solution to demonstrate the robust development capabilities of integrating low-code Microsoft Power Apps and the Azure products you may be familiar with.  

Product Marketing Manager