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Re-define analytics with Azure SQL Data Warehouse Gen2 tier now generally available

pondělí 8. října 2018

Microsoft Azure Government regions give unparalleled flexibility for US government agencies and their partners. Today, we announce the general availability of industry-leading performance Azure SQL Data Warehouse Compute Optimized Gen2 tier for government customers in the US Gov Arizona and US Gov Texas regions.

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure

Rubikloud leverages Azure SQL Data Warehouse to disrupt retail market with accessible AI

čtvrtek 12. dubna 2018

In the modern retail environment, consumers are well-informed and expect intuitive, engaging, and informative experiences when they shop. With global scale and intelligence built in to key services, Azure is the perfect platform to build powerful apps to delight retail customers, the possibilities are endless.

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure

How Catania secures public data with Azure SQL Data Warehouse

středa 28. března 2018

Digital transformation is a key theme for public sector today. Government organizations big and small, want to leverage cloud technologies to deliver improved citizen services while keeping costs under control. However, security and compliance especially when dealing with a large amount of citizen data is crucial.

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure