Internet of Things

Learn by example: How IoT solutions transform industries


Businesses often face similar challenges, from improving productivity and creating a positive customer experience to reducing costs and increasing revenue. By turning to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, organizations across industries can use data to drive insights and actions, ultimately transforming their business model, increasing their bottom line, and improving customer experiences.

Director, Channel Marketing

Azure Sphere 19.05 リリースでの MT3620 MCU の新機能を公開


四半期ごとに、Azure Sphere チームはオンチップとクラウドの新機能を提供し、新しいシナリオに対応しています。Azure Sphere 19.05 リリースでもこの方針を継続し、MT3620 に搭載されているリアルタイム対応コアの価値を引き出しています。

Partner Director of Engineering, Azure Sphere