Microsoft Azure AI hackathon’s winning projects


We are excited to share the winners of the first Microsoft Azure AI Hackathon, hosted on Devpost. Developers of all backgrounds and skill levels were welcome to join and submit any form of AI project, whether using Azure AI to enhance existing apps with pre-trained machine learning (ML) models, or by building ML models from scratch.

Senior Cloud Advocate, AI/ML

Microsoft と SWIFT、クラウド ネイティブな決済でのパートナーシップの拡大


今週、金融サービス業界の世界的イベント Sibos で、Microsoft と SWIFT は、昨年のイベントで発表したクラウドネイティブな概念実証 (POC) の進化を展示しています。これは Microsoft Azure、SWIFT、Microsoft の財務部門のパートナーシップによって実現し、長期にわたる戦略的なパートナーシップの下で、Azure 上での SWIFT の Cloud Connect を市場に提供します。

Principal Program Manager

Azure Security Expert Series: Best practices from Ann Johnson


With more computing environments moving to the cloud, the need for stronger cloud security has never been greater. But what constitutes effective cloud security, and what best practices should you be following? We are excited to launch the Azure security expert series on June 19th, for security operations and IT professionals. Kicking off with Ann Johnson, CVP of Cybersecurity for Microsoft, and other industry experts in discussions on a wide range of cloud security topics.

Senior Director

Join Microsoft at ISC2019 in Frankfurt


The world of computing goes deep and wide on working on issues related to our environment, economy, energy, and public health systems. These needs require modern, advanced solutions that were traditionally limited to a few organizations, are hard to scale, and take a long time to deliver.

Sr Product Marketing Manager, Azure Marketing

Microsoft hosts HL7 FHIR DevDays


One of the largest gatherings of healthcare IT developers will come together on the Microsoft campus next week for HL7 FHIR DevDays, with the goal of advancing the open standard for interoperable health data, called HL7® FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, pronounced “fire”).

Chief Architect, Microsoft Healthcare