Cognitive Services

How news platforms can improve uptake with Microsoft Azure’s Video AI service


As it turns out, Microsoft News has been working for years on some pretty advanced algorithms that analyze their articles and determine how to increase personalization, which ultimately increases consumption. However, when I asked them if there were any gaps, they were quick to answer that they would love more insights on their videos.

Data & Applied Scientist, Engineering

エッジに AI を導入する


進歩していくには、人類の業績の最先端をさらに開拓するよう努力を続ける必要があると考えます。それは単に流行 (はやり) の機能を加えることではなく、現実の問題を解決する目的で進歩し続けようとする心構えです。

Corporate Vice President, Azure AI

Public preview: Named Entity Recognition in the Cognitive Services Text Analytics API


The Text Analytics Cognitive Service announces Public Preview of Named Entity Recognition. With a simple API call, apply robust machine learning models to your unstructured text and recognize more than 20 types of named entities such as people, places, organizations, quantities, dates, and more.

Program Manager II, Applied AI

How developers can get started with building AI applications


In recent years, we have seen a leap in practical AI innovations catalyzed by vast amounts of data, the cloud, innovations in algorithms, hardware, and more. So how do developers begin to design AI applications that engage and delight your customers, optimize operations, empower your employees, and transform products?

Senior Software Engineer, Office of the CTO AI