Big Data

Azure HDInsight integration with Data Lake Storage Gen2 preview - ACL and security update


Today we are sharing an update to the Azure HDInsight integration with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2. This integration will enable HDInsight customers to drive analytics from the data stored in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 using popular open source frameworks such as Apache Spark, Hive, MapReduce, Kafka, Storm, and HBase in a secure manner.

Principal Program Manager, Azure HDInsight

Azure Stream Analytics on IoT Edge の一般提供


Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) on IoT Edge の一般提供開始を発表いたします。このサービスを使用することで、開発者は、ほぼリアルタイムの分析インテリジェンスを IoT デバイスにより近い場所に展開し、デバイス生成データの価値を最大限に活用できます。

Principal Program Manager Lead, Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ – Spark Interactive Console


We are pleased to reveal the release of Spark Interactive Console in Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ. This new component intends to facilitate your Spark job authoring, and enable you to run code interactively in a shell-like environment within IntelliJ.

Principal Program Manager, Big Data Team