Azure HDInsight integration with Data Lake Storage Gen2 preview - ACL and security update


Today we are sharing an update to the Azure HDInsight integration with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2. This integration will enable HDInsight customers to drive analytics from the data stored in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 using popular open source frameworks such as Apache Spark, Hive, MapReduce, Kafka, Storm, and HBase in a secure manner.

Principal Program Manager, Azure HDInsight

Build secure Oozie workflows in Azure HDInsight with Enterprise Security Package


About HDInsight Azure HDInsight is Microsoft’s premium managed offering for running open source workloads on Azure. Today, we are excited to announce several new capabilities across a wide range of OSS frameworks. Azure HDInsight powers some of the top customer’s mission critical applications ranging in a wide variety of sectors including, manufacturing, retail education, nonprofit, government, healthcare, media, banking, telecommunication, insurance and many more industries ranging in use cases from ETL to Data Warehousing, from Machine Learning to IoT and many more.

Senior Program Manager, Azure Big Data

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 を詳しくご紹介


2018 年 6 月 27 日、マイクロソフトは、エンタープライズ クラスの大規模な分析ワークロードをクラウドで実行することに特化した唯一のデータ レイクである Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 のプレビューを発表しました。Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 は、Hadoop 互換ファイル システム、Azure Active Directory、POSIX ベースの ACL などの主な機能を Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 から引き継ぎ、Azure Blob ストレージに統合しています。

Group Program Manager, R&D Storage