Building cloud-native applications with Azure and HashiCorp

mardi 10 septembre 2019

With each passing year, more and more developers are building cloud-native applications. As developers build more and more complex applications they are looking to innovators like Azure and HashiCorp to reduce the complexity of building and operating these applications. HashiCorp and Azure have worked together on a myriad of innovations.

Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft Azure

Préversion du contenu personnalisé dans la configuration d’invité Azure Policy

jeudi 22 août 2019

Nous annonçons aujourd’hui la préversion d’une nouvelle fonctionnalité d’Azure Policy. La fonctionnalité de configuration d’invité, qui audite les paramètres des machines virtuelles Linux et Windows, est maintenant prête pour les clients qui souhaitent créer et publier du contenu personnalisé.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Policy

Annonce de la préversion de GitHub Actions pour Azure

mardi 13 août 2019

Le jeudi 8 août 2019, GitHub a annoncé la préversion de GitHub Actions qui prend en charge de l’intégration et la livraison continues (CI/CD). Actions permet de créer des pipelines simples mais puissants, ainsi que d’automatiser la compilation et la livraison de logiciels. Aujourd’hui, nous annonçons la préversion de GitHub Actions pour Azure.

Principal Program Manager, Azure DevOps

Virtual machine scale set insights from Azure Monitor

mercredi 19 juin 2019

In October 2018 we announced the public preview of Azure Monitor for VMs. At that time, we included support for monitoring your virtual machine scale sets from the at scale view under Azure Monitor. Today we are announcing the public preview of monitoring your Windows and Linux virtual machine scale sets from within the scale set resource blade.

Senior Program Manager, Azure Monitor

Announcing service monitor alliances for Azure Deployment Manager

jeudi 30 mai 2019

Azure Deployment Manager is a new set of features for Azure Resource Manager that greatly expands your deployment capabilities. If you have a complex service that needs to be deployed to several regions, if you’d like greater control over when your resources are deployed in relation to one another, or if you’d like to limit your customer’s exposure to bad updates by catching them while in progress, then Deployment Manager is for you.

Principal Program Manager, Cloud and AI