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June 2017

Jun 15

General availability: Fast Failover and TCP Probing in Azure Traffic Manager


In Azure Traffic Manager, two new features related to endpoint health are now generally available: Fast Failover and TCP Probing.

  • Traffic Manager

May 2017

May 10

Azure Enterprise Agreement Support Plan Upgrade Offer extended until June 30, 2018

The Enterprise Agreement Support Plan Upgrade Offer is being extended. For Azure customers who use an Enterprise Agreement, this offer provides an additional level of access to support from Microsoft.

March 2017

Mar 31

General availability: Azure Monitor


Azure Monitor, the central source and pipeline for monitoring data from Azure, is now generally available.

  • Azure Monitor
Mar 17

L-Series storage-optimized virtual machines


L-Series virtual machines are optimized for storage-intensive workloads and offer four new VM sizes.

  • Virtual Machines

February 2017

Feb 8

Introducing Microsoft Azure IP Advantage


Microsoft Azure IP Advantage provides comprehensive protection against intellectual property (IP) risks with uncapped indemnification and access to a portfolio of thousands of Microsoft patents.

November 2016

Nov 19

Azure Cosmos DB: Paper about the TCO of running a NoSQL database is available

Azure Cosmos DB Principal Engineering Manager Kirill Gavrylyuk recently published a paper that compares the TCO of running a NoSQL database in multiple scenarios.

  • Azure Cosmos DB
Nov 18

New generation of A-series instances for Azure Virtual Machines


A new generation of A-series instances is available for Azure Virtual Machines. These Av2 instances carry the same CPU configurations but have more RAM per vCPU.

  • Virtual Machines
Nov 16

General availability: Azure Functions


The Azure Functions experience is generally available, including the consumption compute model (formerly called "dynamic compute").

  • App Service
  • Azure Functions
Nov 16

General availability: G-series for Azure Cloud Services


The G-series is available on Azure Cloud Services in US West, US East 2, Europe West, Asia Southeast, Australia East, Canada Central, Canada East, Germany Central, and US Gov Virginia.

October 2016

Oct 14

General availability: UltraPerformance Gateway tier for Azure ExpressRoute


UltraPerformance Gateway connects a virtual network to an Azure ExpressRoute circuit and provides five times the network throughput of HighPerformance Gateway.

  • Azure ExpressRoute
  • VPN Gateway
  • Security

September 2016

Sep 29

H-Series instances for Azure Virtual Machines now available

At launch, the H-Series will be among the fastest virtual machines available in Azure in terms of performance per core (ACU benchmark).

  • Virtual Machines

August 2016

Aug 25

Public preview: Computer Vision API and Academic Knowledge API in Cognitive Services


Microsoft Cognitive Services is a collection of APIs that enable developers to tap into high-quality vision, speech, language, knowledge, and search technologies.

  • Cognitive Services
Aug 25

Public preview: N-Series instances for Azure Virtual Machines


N-Series instances are enabled with NVIDIA’s cutting-edge GPUs so you can run GPU-accelerated workloads and visualize them.

  • Virtual Machines
Aug 24

G-Series instances for Azure Virtual Machines available in Canada Central and Canada East


Azure Virtual Machines customers can take advantage of the G-Series instances now available in Canada Central and Canada East.

  • Virtual Machines
Aug 24

General availability: New Azure SQL Database Premium performance level, P15


P15 offers 4000 Database Transaction Units (DTUs)—that’s twice as powerful as our P11 offering—with extremely fast transactional performance, real-time analytics, and up to 1 TB of storage.

  • Azure SQL Database
Aug 24

General availability: Azure SQL Data Warehouse now in more regions

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is now generally available in additional regions—North Europe, Japan East, Brazil South, and Australia Southeast.

  • Azure Synapse Analytics

July 2016

Jul 28

New generation of D-Series instances in Brazil South

The new Dv2 instances carry the same CPU, memory, and disk configurations as the current D-Series, but they offer more powerful CPUs and run about 35 percent faster.

  • Cloud Services
  • Virtual Machines
Jul 28

General availability: Apple FairPlay Streaming for Azure Media Services


Apple FairPlay Streaming is Apple’s digital rights management (DRM) format that protects both Video on Demand (VOD) and live streams.

  • Media Services
Jul 15

General availability: Service Bus Premium Messaging released to general availability


To better support a broader array of mission-critical cloud apps, Azure Service Bus Premium messaging is now generally available.

  • Service Bus
Jul 14

G-Series instances for Azure Virtual Machines available in Australia East

Azure Virtual Machines customers can take advantage of the G-Series instances now available in Australia East.

  • Virtual Machines

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