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    May 2019

    May 29

    Events up to 1MB in Event Grid - public preview

    Public preview of support for larger events, now up to 1MB.

    May 29

    Event Grid can now publish events to Service Bus

    Service Bus is now available as an event handler in Event Grid.

    May 29

    Azure Container Registry—Helm 3 support is now in preview

    Helm 3 support is now in preview. This update brings support for storing Helm 3 charts, the next version of Helm, which brings an improved security model, and a new Lua based scripting engine.

    May 29
    May 29

    Azure App Configuration is now available in preview

    Azure App Configuration provides a service to centrally manage application settings and helps secure their accesses. In addition, it helps developers to ship code faster by being able to easily “flight” their features in production using feature flags.

    May 28

    Application Change Analysis for Azure Monitor is now in public preview

    Change Analysis public preview with integration into App Services Diagnose and solve problems tool.

    May 20

    Generation 2 virtual machines in Azure – Public Preview

    Generation 2 (UEFI Boot) Virtual Machines available in Azure for public preview

    May 17

    Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) now supports Windows Server containers

    Use managed Kubernetes for all of your workloads whether they’re in Windows, Linux or both.

    May 16

    Update 19.05 for Azure Sphere public preview now available for evaluation

    The Azure Sphere public preview 19.05 feature release is available today via the Retail Evaluation feed. The regular Retail OS feed will continue to deliver version 19.04; we plan to upgrade it to 19.05 in two weeks.

    May 16

    Azure AD Conditional Access policy for the combined MFA and password reset security info registration experience

    Control the conditions in which sentive security information for multi-factor authentication and self-service password reset can be registered.

    May 15

    Read replica across regions for Azure database services for MySQL and PostgreSQL

    Cross-region asynchronous replication is now in preview for Azure Database for MySQL and Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

    May 8

    Result-set Caching for Azure SQL Data Warehouse is now in preview

    Result-set caching enables instant query response times while reducing time-to-insight for business analysts and reporting users

    May 8

    Azure Monitor BUILD 2019 updates

    Azure Monitor is launching a number of exciting features including end to end AKS monitoring, granular RBAC for logs, intelligent and scalable alerts, a new application change analysis capability and more.

    May 8

    Ordered Clustered Columnstore Indexes for Azure SQL Data Warehouse is now in preview

    Columnstore is a key enabler for storing and efficiently querying large amounts of data.

    May 8

    Dynamic Data Masking for Azure SQL Data Warehouse is now in preview

    Dynamic Data Masking (DDM) prevents unauthorized access to your sensitive data in your data warehouse by obfuscating it on-the-fly in the query results, based on the masking rules you define.

    May 8

    JSON data support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse is now in preview

    Business analysts can now use familiar T-SQL language to query and manipulate documents that are formatted as JSON data

    May 7

    New networking features for App Service Linux are now in preview

    New networking capabilities to enable Linux apps to access resources securely are now available in preview.

    May 7

    Durable Functions now supports a new stateful entities pattern

    Durable Functions now supports a new stateful entities pattern, enabling you to build stateful Azure Functions that map to an actor.

    May 7

    Azure Cosmos DB API for etcd in preview

    With a wire-protocol compatible API for etcd on top of Azure Cosmos DB, developers will automatically get highly reliable, globally distributed and highly available Kubernetes and K8 tools with no code changes or management required.

    May 6

    IoT Plug and Play announcement at Build

    Today we’re announcing IoT Plug and Play, which is based on an open modeling language that allows developers to connect IoT devices to the cloud without having to write any code.