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    July 2019

    Jul 15

    New 48vCPUs Azure Virtual Machine sizes are now available

    New 48vCPUs sizes for the Dv3, Dsv3, Ev3, Esv3, Fsv2, and Lsv2 Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) are now available so you can better match your workload requirements.

    Jul 12

    Azure Monitor for VMs is now available in East and South East Australia regions

    Azure Monitor for VMs is now available in East Australia and South East Australia. Around the world, it is available in nine public regions.

    June 2019

    Jun 18

    Azure Bastion - RDP and SSH over SSL - now available for Preview

    Fully managed service for seamless and secure RDP/SSH access to your virtual machines without public IP on the VM.

    May 2019

    May 31

    Azure Monitor for VMs is now available in West US 2

    Azure Monitor for VMs is now available in West US 2. Around the world, it's available in seven public regions.

    May 30

    Azure Monitor for VMs has a new data set for bound ports

    The VMBoundPort data set is now available for Azure Monitor for VMs customers in all supported Log Analytics workspace regions, including East US and West Europe.

    May 6

    Announcing Ephemeral OS Disk in Public Preview

    We are happy to announce Ephemeral OS disk in Public Preview. Ephemeral OS disks work well for stateless workloads, where applications are tolerant of individual VM failures and are more concerned about the time it takes to deploy at scale or to reimage the individual VMs.

    May 6

    Azure Serial Console updated with VMSS support and improved language support

    You may now use the Serial Console feature to troubleshoot connectivity issues in both VMs and individual VMSS instances in a variety of languages.

    February 2019

    Feb 25

    M-series virtual machines (VMs) are now available in the Korea South region

    Azure M-series VMs are now available in the Korea South region. M-series VMs offer configurations with memory from 192 GB to 3.8 TiB (4 TB) RAM and are certified for SAP HANA.

    October 2018

    September 2018

    Sep 26

    General availability: Automatic OS image upgrade in virtual machine scale sets

    It is easy to enable automatic OS image updates in Virtual machine scale sets for the most popular images.

    April 2018

    Apr 2

    March 2018

    Mar 23

    General availability: Azure Scheduled Events

    Azure Scheduled Events helps you react to maintenance events...before they happen.

    Mar 19

    Public preview: Low-priority VMs on virtual machine scale sets

    Low-priority VMs on scale sets enable users to significantly save on costs for their fault-tolerant, flexible workloads.

    Mar 14

    Instance Metadata Service includes support for zones and virtual machine scale sets

    Version 2017-12-01 of Instance Metadata Service is available in global Azure regions. It has support for Availability Zones and virtual machine scale sets.

    February 2018

    Feb 15

    Public preview: Automatic OS image updates in virtual machine scale sets

    A new capability is in preview: automatic guest OS image updates in scale sets.

    November 2017

    May 2017

    May 10

    Introducing the Azure app (preview)

    With the Azure mobile app, you can check status and critical metrics of your Azure resources, get notifications and alerts, and perform simple operations to resolve common issues.

    February 2017