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    May 2019

    May 29

    IoT Hub device telemetry events in Event Grid - public preview

    IoT Hub expands its capabilities as an event source in Event Grid by enabling subscribing to device telemetry events.

    May 6

    IoT Plug and Play announcement at Build

    Today we’re announcing IoT Plug and Play, which is based on an open modeling language that allows developers to connect IoT devices to the cloud without having to write any code.

    April 2019

    Apr 6

    Set custom metadata properties for Stream Analytics output

    Stream Analytics now allows users to attach query columns as user properties to outgoing messages to helps better facilitate downstream processing and reporting etc.

    Apr 3

    Azure Security Center for IoT in public preview

    Azure is now the first major public cloud with end-to-end security for IoT for your devices, hubs and cloud resources. We are adding advanced threat protection for IoT to three key services: Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel and Azure IoT Hub.

    March 2019

    Mar 25

    IoT Hub supports new Azure Monitor metric alerts

    Announcing the new Azure Monitor metric alerts in IoT Hub. These new metric alerts are faster and more flexible than the older classic alerts, and they're also easier to set up.

    September 2018

    Sep 26

    Stream Analytics: Query extensibility with C# UDF on Azure IoT Edge

    Developers who create Stream Analytics modules for Azure IoT Edge can now write custom C# functions and invoke them right in the query through user-defined functions.

    Sep 24

    Azure IoT Hub—New message routing capability available

    Azure IoT Hub message routing simplifies IoT solution development and enables you to send messages from your devices to cloud services in an automated, scalable, and reliable manner. Use routing queries to apply customized filters and send only the most relevant data to the service facing endpoints.

    Sep 20

    General availability: Event Hubs for Node.js

    Version 1.0 of the Azure Event Hubs package for Node.js is now generally available.

    Sep 6

    Announcing general availability of Azure IoT Hub integration with Azure Event Grid

    The integration will simplify the architecture and development of IoT applications.

    July 2018

    Jul 16

    Batch services and advanced routing services for Azure Maps

    New features and batch services are available for Azure Maps. They support the needs of large-scale enterprises with high volumes of concurrent users, along with users who need advanced functionality.

    December 2016

    Dec 13

    General availability: Azure IoT Gateway SDK

    With the general availability of the Azure IoT Gateway SDK, developers can create on-premises gateways that allow their IoT solutions to do more.

    Dec 12

    General availability: Azure IoT Hub device management

    Azure IoT Hub device management enables IoT developers and operators to harness the power of the Azure hyperscale cloud to organize, monitor, query, and orchestrate changes across billions of devices.

    July 2016

    Jul 13

    General availability: Microsoft Azure IoT Hub S3 edition

    Microsoft Azure IoT Hub S3 addresses enterprise scenarios where you have a large number of devices that generate large amounts of data and must transmit messages frequently.

    April 2016

    Apr 29

    Azure IoT Gateway SDK enters public beta

    The Azure IoT Gateway SDK, which facilitates the creation of on-premises gateways, enters public beta.

    March 2016

    Mar 30

    Microsoft Azure IoT reference architecture available

    The Microsoft Azure IoT reference architecture provides guidance for building secure and scalable, device-centric solutions for connecting devices, conducting analysis, and integrating with back-end systems.

    Mar 29

    Azure IoT Hub client SDK portable libraries are available on NuGet

    IoT Hub client SDK portable client libraries are available on NuGet.

    February 2016

    Feb 3

    General availability: Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

    Microsoft Azure IoT Hub provides a secure way to connect, provision, monitor, update, and send commands to devices, which allows you to control millions of Internet of Things assets running on a broad set of operating systems and protocols.

    October 2015

    Oct 2

    Public preview: Azure IoT Hub

    Azure IoT Hub helps you connect, monitor, and control millions of IoT assets running on a broad set of operating systems and protocols.