Integrate your enterprise with the cloud

Azure enables you to bring together all your applications, data, devices, and partners, both on-premises and in the cloud. Use the flexible toolset for solving integration needs ranging from connecting mobile apps with on-premises LOB systems to coordinating B2B payments with your partners.

Integrate your applications

Flexible and familiar tools

Build your integration solutions using the tools you already know including Visual Studio and .NET. Use visual tooling for maximum efficiency on routine integration tasks, but retain full control and extensibility for custom solutions when needed. Azure’s support for industry-standard protocols gives you broad interoperability to connect across all your enterprise applications and devices.

Integrate enterprise and cloud

Use Microsoft’s suite of integration tools and services to build hybrid solutions that span from your datacenter to the cloud. BizTalk Services provides a robust business to business (B2B) and application integration platform as a service in the cloud. The Azure Service Bus is the channel for communicating between your on-premises and cloud-based applications and services. BizTalk Server, our proven enterprise integration server, coordinates across your mission-critical, on-premises applications, and can be accessed from cloud applications through the Service Bus.

Enterprise-class reliability

With the Azure Service Bus, you can ensure that your business transactions are executed reliably, even in uncertain network conditions. Queue up messages during peak loads with the confidence that they will be processed. Control access to your important business data and processes using Azure Active Directory. Build on an integration platform that meets strict compliance regulations for government, healthcare, and financial data.

Connect to enterprise data and processes from anywhere

Extend the reach and value of existing on-premises systems through hybrid cloud solutions. Build scalable web and mobile front-ends in the cloud, and seamlessly connect them to internal enterprise data and processes.

Application Integration

Quickly integrate your Azure, SaaS, B2B and on-premises applications through a configuration-driven portal experience. Lower time to market for new applications and grow your business with the service that scales with you.

Customers are using integration to drive business processes

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