Identity and Access Management for the Cloud

Azure Active Directory is a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution that provides a robust set of capabilities to manage users and groups and help secure access to applications including Microsoft online services like Office 365 and a world of non-Microsoft SaaS applications. Azure Active Directory is offered in two tiers: Free and Premium.

Simplify user access to any cloud app

Enable single sign-on to simplify user access to thousands of cloud applications from Windows, Mac and iOS devices. Users can launch cloud applications from a personalized web-based Access Panel using their company credentials.

Protect sensitive data and applications

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication prevents unauthorized access to both on-premises and cloud applications by providing an additional level of authentication. Protect your business with security monitoring and alerts and machine learning-based reports that identify inconsistent access patterns to mitigate potential threats.

Enterprise Scale and SLA

Azure Active Directory Premium can provide the level of scale and reliability required by enterprises. Azure Active Directory is a high available service hosted in globally distributed datacenters. The service handles billions of authentications each day from more than 200 million active users and provides a 99.9 percent SLA. Learn how you can get it.

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A rich standards-based platform for cloud authentication and access management

Azure Active Directory offers developers an effective way to integrate identity management in their applications. Industry standard protocols such as SAML 2.0, WS-Federation, and OpenID Connect makes sign-in possible on a variety of platforms such as .Net, Java, Node.js, and PHP. The REST-based Graph API enables developers to read and write to the directory from any platform. Through support for OAuth 2.0, developers can build mobile and web applications that integrate with Microsoft and third party web APIs, and build their own secure web APIs. Open source client libraries are available for .Net, Windows Store, iOS and Android with additional libraries under development.

You directory on the cloud for Office 365 and beyond

Bring enterprise directory and identity management to the cloud with Azure Active Directory. Centrally manage employee access to Microsoft Online Services such as Azure, Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online, Windows Intune, and thousands of non-Microsoft cloud applications.

Georgia State University (GSU) switched to cloud based Microsoft Office365 and saved $1 Million in operating costs to better support mobile and remote workers


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Integrate with Active Directory

Extend Active Directory and any other on-premises directories to Azure Active Directory for single sign on to all cloud-based applications. User attributes can be automatically synchronized to your cloud directory from all kinds on-premises directories.


Health care organization manages records with Azure Active Directory

Enable self-service for your employees

Delegate important tasks such as resetting passwords and the creation and management of groups to your employees. Provide Self-service Password Change and Reset and Self-service Group Management with Azure Active Directory Premium.

Help to secure access with Multi-Factor Authentication

Use Azure Multi-Factor Authentication to help secure access to cloud and on-premises applications. Verify user sign-ins with the Multi-Factor Authentication mobile app or via an automated phone call or text message. Multi-Factor Authentication is easy to set up, manage, and use while providing a critical additional layer of protection for data and applications. Enable the service using the on-premises Multi-Factor Authentication Server, turn it on for Azure Active Directory users, or build the service into your cloud applications

"Windows Azure Multi-Factor Authentication definitely helps us reduce risk by giving us stronger authentication controls. That enhances our security posture and helps give our clients peace of mind." Bob Morrison, Security Engineer, Fredrikson & Byron

Explore your free cloud directory today

Every Azure customer has a free Azure Active Directory to manage identities and access to all Azure services. You can use this cloud directory or create a new one to manage access to Office 365 and other SaaS applications.Get a brief overview of what a Azure Active Directory is and how you can get started creating one for your organization.

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Protect your business with Azure Active Directory Premium

Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft’s advanced identity and access management solution for the cloud is generally available. Capabilities like synchronization with on-premises directories, single sign-on to thousands of SaaS applications, machine learning-based security and usage reports, alerting, Multi-Factor Authentication, company branding, self-service password reset, group management delegation, an Enterprise scale SLA and more will provide the level of reliability required by enterprises with advanced needs on identity and access management. Learn more about Azure Active Directory premium.

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