Visual Studio Online

Host code, plan and track projects, and collaborate with team members to ship better software with Visual Studio Online.

What’s the fastest way you can speed development? By leaving your infrastructure to someone else. With Visual Studio Online, you get an end-to-end, cloud-based ALM solution that handles everything from hosted code repos and issue tracking to load testing and automated builds. Best of all, you can access it from just about anywhere. Get up and running in minutes on our cloud infrastructure without having to install or configure a single server. Set up an account for free today.

Visual Studio Online offers a variety of user plans to meet your team’s needs. User plans may enable the following capabilities on your account:

Hosted code repositories

Need a home for all your work, school, and side projects? Unlimited private repos give you the flexibility to organize your account the way you want. From C# to Python, from Windows to Android, you can use a variety of languages and target a variety of platforms, and check your code directly into the cloud using Visual Studio, Eclipse, or any Git client. Choose Git for distributed version control, or Team Foundation Version Control for fine-grained, centralized versioning. Both are integrated into Visual Studio Online to give you maximum flexibility.

Project planning and tracking tools

Keep track of everything—new ideas, upcoming features, and emerging issues—with project planning tools that keep you focused on writing great code. Tag items, sort them into areas, and plan your backlog by simply dropping items into your next sprint or release. Drag and drop work items to your teammates to keep them coding. Integration between code repos and development tools saves you time when checking in code. Manage work items and bugs in Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari.

For enterprise teams, portfolio backlogs make it easier to break down large amounts of work into sizeable chunks across teams while preserving the "big picture". Create customized charts to track bugs, tasks and the team’s most important work.

Continuous integration and continuous deployment

Catch bugs and other quality issues earlier in development. Set up continuous integration using our cloud build services to validate code on clean configurations, and integrate tests for extra assurance. Build and rebuild projects on-demand, nightly, or after every check-in, and pay only for the minutes you use. Stay up-to-date on recent builds by viewing build health over time on your project home page or within Visual Studio. Web sites or cloud services can automatically deploy to Azure as part of your build.

Test case management

Test case management in Visual Studio Online provides a zero-impact manual testing solution accessible from any modern web browser. Create or run manual tests with a web-based test runner that’s integrated with your project, meaning your test results, as well as any comments, attachments, or new bugs you create are reported back to the team for triage.

Team collaboration tools

Team Rooms provide a forum for all team members to share information and collaborate. Discuss work in progress, link directly to work items, and view live events like build completions or feedback responses. Team Rooms are great for daily standups, connecting with remote team members, and as a durable archive of project activity.

Load testing

Test the performance of your apps, services, or web sites under heavy load with cloud-powered load testing, and pay only for what you use. Instead of having to provision and configure servers on your own infrastructure, just create load tests with Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 and define the criteria and scale you want tested, and let Visual Studio Online provide the resources you need to simulate increased user load.

Application InsightsPreview

Application Insights provides you with a 360° view into the availability, performance, and usage of your applications and services. Alerts provide you with early-warning information on availability issues, performance degradation, and exceptions. Reuse Visual Studio web tests created during development to ensure your application is not only available, but performing as expected in production.

Intuitive out of the box dashboards show the performance of your applications and services at a glance, and can be tailored to meet your particular needs. With Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 you can trace directly back to your source code from an Application Insights report, allowing you to investigate and resolve exceptions quickly.

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