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NET Application Migration Using Containers Part 8: Managing and Monitoring Azure Kubernetes Services

We’ll cover enabling Container Scalability in AKS, monitoring Azure Kubernetes Services, and using Kubernetes dashboard with Azure Kubernetes Services. For the final lab in this workshop series, you will get hands on managing and monitoring AKS.

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.NET Application Migration Using Containers Part 7: Learn to deploy Azure Container Services with Kubernetes

Learn about orchestration and prepare for the labs where you will deploy Azure Container Services with Kubernetes and deploy Azure Kubernetes Services. This session provides a deep-dive view on working with container orchestration in Azure. It covers both Azure Container Services (ACS) and Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS).

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Explore using Azure Container Instance to run containerized applications

This session covers Azure Container Registry, Azure Container Instance, and how ACR and ACI work closely together. There will also be a lab where you will deploy Azure Container Registry and use Azure Container Instance.

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.NET Application Migration Using Containers Part 5: Docker Containers

Learn to use Docker containers to enable migrating a legacy app to the cloud. In the lab for this session, you will containerize a legacy ASP.NET application with Docker CE for Windows.

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.NET Application Migration Using Containers Part 4: Azure App Services – Azure Web Apps

We’ll teach you about deploying Azure Web Apps, Azure Web Apps Enterprise features and Web App Migration. The hands-on activity is to migrate a legacy ASP.NET application to Azure Web Apps with Visual Studio 2017.

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.NET Application Migration Using Containers Part 3: Azure Database Solutions – SQL Azure

Learn about migration strategies, as well as optimizing and securing SQL Azure. You will have the opportunity to migrate a SQL VM database to SQL Azure using SQL Management Studio.

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.NET Application Migration Using Containers Part 2: Infrastructure as Code using ARM templates

In part 2 of our series on .NET migration using containers, you’ll learn about Infrastructure as Code and using ARM templates for more than just deploying resources. After this session you’ll be able to work through the labs we provide, where you will setup your Azure subscription and deploy the source Virtual Machine environment with Visual Studio 2017.

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.NET Application Migration Using Containers Part 1: Digital App Transformation with Azure

For developers who need to move business critical apps to the cloud, the first session in this series covers containers as a strategic way to modernize your existing .NET Framework applications, including the different choices Azure provides for app modernization. The training will also contain an overview of the container services and orchestrators Azure natively provides.

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Build Scalable Cloud Applications with Containers on Azure

Accelerate your digital transformation by building scalable cloud applications with container-based solutions on Azure. Tune into this exciting webinar with one of our key experts to learn about the container technologies on Azure.

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Containers on Azure

This session will review the container platforms on Azure.

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Introduction to Azure Container Services on Azure

Will be an introductory session on Azure Container Services comparing with AKS and working on Docker Containerisation. We will be having further continuous sessions on containers followed by this at Azure Vidyapeeth.

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Azure webinar series: Containerize Your Applications with Kubernetes on Azure

In this webinar, you’ll see an end-to-end Kubernetes development experience on Azure, showcasing an integrated development environment for building apps. This includes application scaffolding, inner-loop workflows, application-management frameworks, CI/CD pipelines, log aggregation, and monitoring and application metrics.

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