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Products available by region

With 56 announced regions, more than any other cloud provider, Azure makes it easy to choose the datacenter and regions that's right for you and your customers.



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    South Africa North
    South Africa West
    East Asia
    Southeast Asia
    Australia Central
    Australia Central 2
    Australia East
    Australia Southeast
    US Gov Non-Regional
    US DoD Central
    US DoD East
    US Gov Arizona
    US Gov Iowa
    US Gov Texas
    US Gov Virginia
    Brazil South
    Canada Central
    Canada East
    China Non-Regional
    China East
    China East 2
    China North
    China North 2
    North Europe
    West Europe
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    France Central
    France South
    Germany Non-Regional
    Germany Central
    Germany North
    Germany Northeast
    Germany West Central
    Central India
    South India
    West India
    Japan East
    Japan West
    Korea Central
    Korea South
    Norway East
    Norway West
    Switzerland North
    Switzerland West
    UAE Central
    UAE North
    UK South
    UK West
    Central US
    East US
    East US 2
    North Central US
    South Central US
    West Central US
    West US
    West US 2
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