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BizTalk Hybrid Connections

Quickly connect from Azure applications, such as websites and mobile services, to on-premises resources.

Use the BizTalk Services Portal

Learn how to use the BizTalk Services Portal to manage B2B operations as well as artifacts associated with your BizTalk Services subscription.

Use BizTalk Services for supply chain orders

A Microsoft Global Supply Chain Management group created a proof of concept using Azure BizTalk Services and BizTalk Server to prepare the B2B systems for increased transaction volume associated with peak sales.

Create and deploy BizTalk Services integration solutions

Learn from five tutorials that show you how BizTalk Services allow developers to build solutions to connect services and systems with disparate data formats and protocols.

Provision BizTalk Services on Azure

Get prerequisites, create the SQL Database Server, create an Access Control Service (ACS) namespace, create a storage account, and then provision the BizTalk service.

Start using the Azure BizTalk Services SDK

Start creating BizTalk Services applications. Use business-to-business messaging and rich messaging endpoints. Use the BizTalk Adapter Service to connect to on-premises line-of-business (LOB) applications from the cloud.


Developer, Basic, Standard and Enterprise Editions feature chart

Before you get started, choose your BizTalk Services edition. Each edition comes with a unit that has different compute capacity and memory.

BizTalk offerings: Server and PaaS feature list

Learn about the feature sets available for BizTalk Server and BizTalk Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings with Azure BizTalk Services.

Configure components for B2B messaging

Configure business-to-business messaging with partners using the BizTalk Services portal.

Administration and development process flow

Use this process flow to accomplish various administrator and developer tasks for both on-premises and cloud-based components.


Create and manage hybrid connections

Learn how to create and manage Azure Hybrid Connections between your Azure website or mobile service and an on-premises resource.

Connect an on-premises SQL Server to an Azure website using Hybrid Connections

Learn how to create a website in the Azure Preview Portal, connect the website to a local on-premises SQL Server database, create a simple ASP.NET web app that uses the hybrid connection, and deploy the app to your Azure website.

Remote debug a BizTalk pipeline component in Virtual Machines

Learn how to perform remote debugging of a pipeline component that is deployed in a BizTalk Server running in Azure Virtual Machines.

Configure rich messaging endpoints

Learn how to configure the components of an end-to-end message processing entity: a source (for receiving the message); a processing unit (such as a bridge); and a destination (where the message is routed).

Use REST in BizTalk Server to send a message to BizTalk Services

Learn how to configure a BizTalk Server send port using the REST adapter to send a message to a bridge or an EDI agreement hosted on Azure Biztalk Services.

Trading Partner Management Object Model (TPM OM): REST API Reference

Programmatically create and maintain different entities like partners and agreements for the BizTalk Services Portal.

BizTalk Services class library

Find out about the managed .NET API that allows you to include custom code as part of the bridge configuration.


Dashboard, Monitor, and Scale tabs

Check the health and performance of your BizTalk services in real-time on the Dashboard and Monitor tabs, and add or subtract units on the Scale tab.

Throttling thresholds

Get information about throttling thresholds and run-time behavior when a throttling condition occurs.

Issuer name and issuer key

Use your ACS issuer name and issuer key to deploy your BizTalk Services application in Visual Studio to Azure, and to log in to the BizTalk Services Portal. Retrieve your Service Bus issuer name and key for connecting to an on-premises LOB system.

BizTalk Services state chart

Learn the operations available in each state of BizTalk Services. For instance, in the Active state, you can stop a service.

Backup and restore your BizTalk Services configuration

Learn how to backup or restore your BizTalk Services configuration. A backup can be restored to the same or a different BizTalk service.

Manage BizTalk Services with the REST API

Use the REST API exposed by BizTalk Services for service management operations like creating and updating a service, starting and stopping a service, and other operations.

Azure BizTalk Services PowerShell cmdlets

Use these PowerShell cmdlets for management operations on Azure BizTalk Services.

BizTalk Adapter Service PowerShell cmdlets

Manage the BizTalk Adapter Service Runtime Service and the LOB Relay and LOB Target entities.

Troubleshoot BizTalk Services using operation logs

Learn about the operations tracked in Operation Logs and how you use logs to troubleshoot management operations from as far back as 180 days.