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What is Azure Active Directory?

A quick overview of Azure AD.

Azure identity

Looking for a little more depth? Learn about options for managing identity in Azure using Windows Server Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS), Azure AD, and Azure AD Access Control.

Azure Active Directory Premium is now available 

Built on top of a large set of free capabilities in Azure AD, Azure AD Premium provides a robust set of capabilities to empower enterprises with more demanding needs for identity and access management. During its first milestone, Azure AD Premium offers group-based provisioning and access management to SaaS applications, a customized logon environment, and security reports. For the end user, Azure AD Premium provides self-service password reset for cloud applications.

Azure Active Directory applications

Configuring single sign-on for many different SaaS applications from various vendors can be a difficult and demanding task. Azure AD simplifies the process by providing a world of popular SaaS applications, pre-integrated in a single application gallery.


Run Azure AD code samples

Browse and run our code samples for .NET, iOS, Java, Javascript, and PHP, and more.

Use scenarios to authenticate Azure AD users

Learn about common authentication scenarios supported by Azure AD and how they can be used in your applications.

Query an Azure AD directory using the Graph API

Learn how to query a directory by using the Graph API.


Application access enhancements for Azure AD

Application access enhancements enable administrators to integrate identities across both Microsoft and third-party cloud-hosted applications to provision required accounts and prevent unauthorized access. End users can then launch cloud-hosted applications that are assigned to them from a single webpage. Azure AD integration tutorials are available for Salesforce, Box, and Google Apps.

Use your Office 365 Azure AD tenant with application access enhancements for Azure AD

Learn more about the relationship between Office 365 and Azure AD, and one easy path to add the applications access enhancements features to your existing Office 365 subscription.

Administer your Azure AD tenant

Learn how portals such as the Azure management portal and the Office 365 account portal help tenant admins manage their organizations' identity and subscription data using a single instance of Azure AD.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication with Azure AD

Learn about multi-factor authentication concepts, best practices, and how you as a global administrator can use multi-factor authentication in Azure AD to help protect your organization’s identity data in the cloud.

Manage your ACS namespace

This topic outlines management tasks you should perform regularly so applications that use the Azure Access Control Service (ACS) continue to function properly and without interruption.

Guidelines for deploying Windows Server Active Directory on Azure Virtual Machines

Learn about the differences between deploying Windows Server Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) on-premises versus deploying on Azure Virtual Machines. Understand the effects of design and deployment decisions.