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Get started

Tutorial: Get started with Mobile Services and Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a high-performance, HTML5 mobile app platform. Sencha Touch Extensions for Azure is an API designed to provide an easy way to develop Sencha Touch applications that can access the Azure APIs using JavaScript. In this tutorial, learn how to create cloud applications using Sencha Touch and Mobile Services.


Tutorial: Get started with data

The Sencha Touch Extensions easily allows you to connect your Sencha Touch models and stores to data capabilities provided by Mobile Services. In this tutorial, learn how to store and retrieve data from an app.

Tutorial: Add filters to data

This continuation of the Get started with data tutorial shows how to add filters, sorting, and paging to data.


Tutorial: Get started with authentication

Learn how to authenticate users in your app through a variety of identity providers, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft.


Tutorial: Get started with push

Learn how to use push notification services with Mobile Services to send push notifications to an app.


How to: Table storage

Learn how to use the Ext.azure.storage.Table class to leverage table storage in your app.

How to: Blob storage

Learn how to use the Ext.azure.storage.Blob class to leverage blob storage in your app.


API Reference: Sencha Touch Extensions for Azure SDK

Explore detailed reference documentation for the Sencha Touch Extensions JavaScript APIs.