September 2012

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Monetary commitment offer

We are excited to announce a new commitment purchase option for our customers that provides up to 32 percent in savings. If you purchase the new 6-month plan and commit to a minimum expenditure of US$500 per month (see purchase options for non-US pricing), you can get the following discounts for all usage associated with your monthly commitment.

Monthly commitmentDiscount
US$500 to $14,999 20%
US$15,000 to $39,999 23%
US$40,000 and above 27%

You can get an additional 2.5 percent discount if you purchase a 12-month plan and another 2.5 percent if you elect to pay for your entire commitment up front. Be sure to get the details on how the discount works and limitations by visiting the purchase options website. If you are an Enterprise Agreement customer, please log in to the Enterprise Portal and click on the View Price Sheet link.

This offer does not apply the purchase of products and services from Marketplace or any third-party provider. The volume discount applies to the commitment amount only at Pay-As-You-Go base rates and may not be combined with graduated pricing discounts.

Watch the Windows Server 2012 keynote from Satya Nadella

Windows Server 2012 is Here…And So is the Cloud OS: Windows Server 2012 delivers the cornerstone of the Cloud OS, as explained in a blog post by Satya Nadella, President, Server and Tools Business at Microsoft. “With Windows Server 2012 and Windows Azure at its core,” writes Nadella, “we are delivering the Cloud OS. Based on our unique innovations in the most widely used operating systems, applications and cloud services, only Microsoft is able to offer the consistent platform that the cloud demands. It is that consistency that will enable customers to use common virtualization, application development, systems management, data and identity frameworks across all of their clouds.”

Windows Azure Websites paid-shared preview

In addition to the free and reserved instances of Windows Azure Websites, there’s a preview of a paid-shared model, which allows for a low-price, custom DNS solution.


Were you excited about the Mobile Service announcement last month? Here are some resources and tutorials to help you learn more.

Windows Azure Mobile Services

See how easy it is to build Windows 8 apps with Mobile Services.

G-Men : Introducing a New Cartoon Strip

by Daryl Plummer, Managing VP, Gartner Fellow


Free cloud database for Windows Azure developers

Cloudant is a cloud database service for Windows Azure that’s hosted, operated, and scaled for you, so you can stay focused on new development, not database administration. It’s accessed via a CouchDB-compatible RESTful JSON API, data replication and sync, full-text search, advanced analytics via MapReduce, and more. Visit Cloudant to get a free account.

Manage Windows Server VMs in Windows Azure with RightScale

RightScale announced future support for managing Windows Server virtual machines in Windows Azure, in addition to current support for Linux in Windows Azure. RightScale enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across the global network of Windows Azure data centers, providing features such as autoscaling, role-based access control, and enterprise reporting. Visit, and try out a free RightScale account.

Monitor and boost performance of your web app with New Relic

New Relic is the all-in-one web application performance tool that lets you see performance from the end-user experience, through servers, and down to each line of application code. Windows Azure customers can now get New Relic Standard free of charge. Windows Azure customers can use New Relic’s service to monitor, troubleshoot, and tune the business-critical web applications they have in production. To learn more, visit

Success Stories

To launch its online privacy service quickly, PrivacyCentral wanted technology that would interoperate easily with Ruby open source programming. The company used Windows Azure and Ruby to build, a website with online privacy tools for consumer and enterprise customers. By using Windows Azure, PrivacyCentral built a powerful online privacy service and accelerated its time-to-market by three months. Read more here.

When BMW Latin America had to promote the launch of two new model lines, it wanted to kick off an interactive marketing campaign on Facebook that would not only support the launch, but also collect audience data. BMW used Windows Azure to support a solution that integrated the Facebook promotion with its internal Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment, engaged 90,000 consumers, and converted 900 campaign participants into sales prospects. Read more here.

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