June 2012

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We recently announced great updates and enhancements to Windows Azure services. Thank you for all the feedback. Read on to get more information on the announcements and experience the previews today.


Unveiling updates to Windows Azure

Now available: previews of new Windows Azure services, which simplify building applications that span cloud and on-premises servers. With these new capabilities, you have greater flexibility in how to build or bring your applications to the cloud. We also announced added support for new operating systems and new language libraries for .NET, Java, PHP, and Node.js.

To get additional information on the announcement, please visit the Windows Azure Blog

Ready for your hands-on experience?

Try the previews and get the SDK now:

Satya Nadella's Keynote at TechEd

During his keynote at TechEd North America 2012, Satya Nadella, President of the Server and Tools Business at Microsoft, talked about how Microsoft is driving an industry transformation to the cloud with Windows Azure and the Windows Server 2012 operating system. Read Satya Nadella's full blog post and watch a replay of his keynote to learn more.

Scott Guthrie's Blog and Keynote

Visit Scott Guthrie's Blog to see the Windows Azure technology platform in action and get detailed information on the new services and features. You can also watch Scott Guthrie's June 7 keynote from the Meet Windows Azure event, in which he walks through all of the new features. Guest speakers included Jeff Lawson, Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of Twilio, as well as the team behind Pottermore.

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Windows Azure: top-line brand

As part of our commitment to offer customers a seamless cloud experience and in response to customer feedback, Windows Azure now serves as the single, top-line brand for what was formerly referred to as the Windows Azure Platform. As part of this simplification, the SQL Azure product brand has been retired and associated services have been renamed:

  • SQL Database (formerly SQL Azure database)
  • SQL Reporting (formerly SQL Azure Reporting)
  • SQL Data Sync (formerly SQL Azure Data Sync) 


Digital Chalk Talks!

Check out this video series, learn how to build applications for Windows Azure, and find out what you can do. See the video series here.

See What's Possible: Customer Videos

Take a look at what customers are doing on Windows Azure, and how they are using the capabilities of the cloud to achieve amazing results. See the customer videos here.

Participate in Microsoft User Research

Are you interested in giving Microsoft feedback? Sign up at http://microsoft.com/userresearch/ to participate in user research studies for unreleased products and technologies. Sessions take about two hours, and participants are offered a choice of new Microsoft software, hardware or games from a list of our most popular products.

Success Stories

San Diego Emergency Website

San Diego Emergency Website Is Disaster-Ready; Scales to 19 Million Page Views Hourly As if a firestorm devastating 370,000 acres and displacing 515,000 people weren't enough, County of San Diego personnel had to deal with a crisis all their own: getting information to the public after their website crashed under unprecedented traffic. To prevent a recurrence, the county now hosts its site on Windows Azure, where it scales to 19 million page views hourly and costs 78 percent less to maintain than the previous site. Click here to view the video >