October 2011

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Storage Core offer and Storage Price Reduction
Effective immediately, the Windows Azure Storage price is being lowered from $0.15/GB to $0.14/GB stored per month. Any invoice after October 26, 2011 date will reflect this price adjustment. In addition, a new Storage Core commitment offer provides storage capacity at a deeply discounted monthly price.

Making Headlines from SQL PASS…

There are several enhancements to SQL Azure that will be delivered in the next service release (SR). The SQL Azure Q4 2011 Service Release marks a further advancement to scalability in the cloud. Key enhancements include an increase in maximum database size from 50 GB to 150 GB, and SQL Azure Federation. With SQL Azure Federation, databases can be elastically scaled out using the sharing database pattern based on database size and the application workload.

Get started in the next Community Technology Preview (CTP) releases for SQL Azure Reporting and SQL Azure Data Sync. Both CTPs are now broadly available to SQL Azure customers and can be accessed via the Windows Azure Management Portal.

SQL Azure Q2 2011 Service Release Now Deployed

The Q2 2011 Service Release for the SQL Azure database service is now available. In this release, there are significant upgrades to the underlying engine designed to increase overall performance and scalability. This upgrade is a step towards providing a common base and feature set between the cloud SQL Azure service and our upcoming release of SQL Server Code Name “SQL Server 2012.” The completion of this rollout marks the final transition to the new SQL Azure Management Portal. with updated functionality and an enhanced user interface.


Real-world Guidance Series

Learn tips and tricks from other Windows Azure peers. See how to use Windows Azure most effectively from articles such as “Startup Lifecycle of a Windows Azure Role." This article written by Cory Fowler, from SyntaxC4, provides an in-depth look at the tasks that occur as part of a Windows Azure role's startup process.

Wrap-up From SQL PASS

SQL PASS was Oct 11-14th in Las Vegas, but don’t worry if you missed it because we are giving you special access to all of the sessions on the cloud. Here are just a few of the sessions:

Microsoft Tutorials Jumpstart Your Windows Azure Experience
Cloud Cover is your eye on the Microsoft Cloud. In this episode, Michael Washam, Technical Evangelist for Windows Azure, joins Steve and Wade to discuss Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets.

Success Stories


In early January 2011, Flavorus began researching options for handling ticket sales for the largest paid music festival in the United States. It needed a working solution within three months. Flavorus opted to host its ticketing application, Jetstream, in the cloud and uses the sharing capabilities of Microsoft SQL Azure to read and write data across multiple databases in parallel.
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Nintex wanted a simple way to make web services available to customers who were designing workflows with its flagship product, Nintex Workflow 2010, which extends Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. By using the Windows Azure platform, Nintex developed a cloud service that can connect Office 365, Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket, and other web services to its on-premises workflow software. Read more >