November 2011

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Updated Windows Azure SDK & Windows Azure HPC Scheduler SDK

We are simplifying the development experience on Windows Azure with three updates—a new version of the Windows Azure SDK, a new Windows Azure HPC Scheduler SDK, and an updated Windows Azure Platform Training Kit Whether you are already using Windows Azure or looking for the right moment to get started, these updates make it easier than ever to build applications on Windows Azure, read more details about these SDKs now.

Windows Azure Platform Training Kit – October 2011 Update

The October release of the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit (WAPTK) is now available as a free download. The Windows Azure Platform Training Kit includes hands-on labs (HOLs), presentations, and samples to help you understand how to build applications that utilize Windows Azure, SQL Azure, and the Windows Azure AppFabric. Download the full training kit including the hands-on labs, demo scripts, and presentations. Be sure to browse through the individual hands-on labs on MSDN.

Windows Azure Developer Camps

Windows Azure Developer Camps are free, fun, no-fluff events for developers, by developers. You learn from experts in a low-key, interactive way and then get hands-on time to apply what you’ve learned. Registration is open, so sign up today.


Real-world Guidance Series

This article, ASP.NET Forms-Based Authentication Models for Windows Azure, by Adam Grocholski at RBA Consulting explains how to implement three different models for incorporating forms-based authentication in ASP.NET applications that are hosted on the Windows Azure platform, and provides guidance on when to use each model.

Download the Deploying and Managing Windows Azure Applications, Evaluation

TechNet Evaluation Center has just released a new evaluation experience called Deploying And Managing Windows Azure Applications. In this evaluation, users will follow a step-by-step guide to deploy a sample application to Windows Azure and then use System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to monitor and manage that application.
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Microsoft Tutorials: Jumpstart Your Windows Azure Experience

The Cloud Cover show is your eye on the Microsoft cloud. In this episode, Wade shows a new sample application called BlobShare. The BlobShare Sample is a simple file sharing application that demonstrates the storage services of the Windows Azure platform together with the authentication and authorization capabilities of Access Control Service (ACS).

Success Stories


Designercity wanted to meet customer demand for scalable, hosted applications but did not want to build its own data center. Instead, it chose the Windows Azure platform from Microsoft for one of its first cloud projects. Designercity built an interactive karaoke application on Windows Azure that also uses Microsoft Surface. It now has a successful, repeatable business model for delivering highly scalable, inexpensive solutions that customers trust.


China-based Gridsum wanted to deliver its services to customers outside of China, but without the latency issues that global customers would face with a solution hosted only in China. Gridsum migrated its Web Dissector service to Windows Azure and now enjoys simplified IT maintenance along with a solution that is highly available, no matter where customers are located. By expanding its business, Gridsum anticipates a 30 percent revenue boost.
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