Visual Studio 2013
and Azure

Leverage Visual Studio and Azure to make your development and testing much more productive – even if you are ultimately deploying the production apps on-premises.

As an MSDN subscriber or free trial customer, apply your monthly credit to whatever combination of Azure resources you need.

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Run Visual Studio 2013 in the cloud

MSDN subscribers can use the pre-configured Visual Studio 2013 Azure virtual machine image to be up and running in a flash. Spin up the image when you are doing active development and shut it down when you are not using it – you will only be billed when the Virtual Machine is turned on.

Manage your cloud resources from Visual Studio

With Visual Studio 2013 you can now work in a flexible, agile way to create and manage Azure services in minutes, directly from Visual Studio. Sign in to your Azure account to instantly view information about your existing services and deployments. You can create and manage web sites and cloud services, start and stop virtual machines, update and manage data, and more. Here are a few examples:

Virtual Machines - Start, shutdown, restart and delete Azure virtual machines. Get the machines you need, when you need them, right from Visual Studio.
Web Sites - Create new web sites, right-click to publish, stream logs into Visual Studio, and even debug sites running on Azure from within the IDE.
Mobile apps - Create and manage backend capabilities for Windows Store apps through integrated support for Azure Mobile Services.

MSDN Subscribers, use your benefits

All MSDN subscribers can now receive monthly credits for Azure services. Here are some examples of ways you can use the $100 per month credit included in the Premium or Platform subscriptions.

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3 VMs for 16 hours a day
80 VMs for 20 hour load test
50 HDInsight nodes for 10 hrs
Up to 100 web sites + DB