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    December 2018

    6 Dec
    5 Dec

    Now available: Azure Service Fabric Mesh autumn refresh

    The serverless Azure Service Fabric Mesh autumn refresh is under development and will be released soon with improvements such as auto-scale and network and gateway resources, in addition to storage improvements and fixes.

    4 Dec

    Now available: Azure Service Fabric runtime version 6.4 & SDK updates

    Azure Service Fabric runtime version 6.4 with the corresponding SDK and tooling updates is now available with many enhancements.

    4 Dec

    Azure Database for MariaDB is now available

    The Azure Database for MariaDB service offers enterprise-ready, fully managed community MariaDB featuring open-source compatibility, built-in high availability and dynamic scaling, as well as flexible pricing. 

    4 Dec

    S1 Tier now available

    S1 Pricing Tier now available for large-scale deployments.

    4 Dec

    Azure Machine Learning service is now available

    Azure Machine Learning service, a cloud service that enables developers and data scientists to quickly and easily build, train and deploy machine learning models, is now generally available.

    4 Dec

    Link GitHub commits and pull requests to Azure Boards work items – Sprint 144 Update

    In the Sprint 144 Update of Azure DevOps, we continue to expand the integration with GitHub. Now you can link GitHub commits and pull requests to Azure Boards work items.

    4 Dec

    New updates to Azure IoT Remote Monitoring

    A series of updates to the Azure IoT Remote Monitoring solution accelerator is now available. This includes features such as integration of Time Series Insights to allow for root cause analysis, or roles-based access control through Azure Active Directory.

    4 Dec

    Custom Translation capability of Text Translator

    Announcing general availability of custom translation capability in Translator Text Cognitive Service

    4 Dec

    New updates to Azure IoT device simulation

    Announcing the latest update to Azure IoT device simulation, which highlights our continued investment in the vital IoT simulation space.

    4 Dec

    Language understanding container support: preview

    Announcing language understanding cognitive service container support in preview

    4 Dec

    Deploy Service Fabric Ubuntu clusters on-premise using Bosh

    Using Bosh as the deployment mechanism provides a way to define the deployment, monitor the cluster and auto-heal the infrastructure.

    4 Dec

    Azure Container Instances (ACI) GPU support public preview

    ACI now allows developers to choose GPU-enabled containers. GPUs are ideal for compute and graphics-intensive workloads. This enables developers to run intensive jobs required for machine learning.

    4 Dec

    Serverless Community Library

    The Serverless Community Library is an open-source set of prebuilt components based on common use cases using Functions and Logic Apps.

    4 Dec

    JavaScript support for Durable Functions is now available

    Orchestrate your serverless workflows programmatically using the Durable Functions extension to the Azure Functions runtime, which will support JavaScript in general availability (GA) to be used for production workloads.

    4 Dec

    Paginated reports in Power BI is in preview

    Paginated reports functionality is now available in Power BI Premium, allowing you to view and interact with your pixel-perfect paginated reports alongside your existing Power BI interactive reports in the Power BI portal.

    4 Dec

    API Management bring your own cache is in preview

    Bring your own cache feature enables you to use external Redis-compatible cache with API Management in the Consumption Tier.

    4 Dec

    CORS support in Azure Cosmos DB

    Now generally available, Azure Cosmos DB offers service-level, global CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) support which enables web browser-based applications to directly connect to Azure Cosmos DB. CORS is an HTTP (hyper-text transfer protocol) feature that enables web applications running on one domain to request resources from another domain. This new support offers functionality and security for cross-origin requests to developers using Azure Cosmos DB via the JavaScript SDK.

    4 Dec

    New key capabilities added to Time Series Insights to meet your IoT needs

    Time series-optimised long-term storage, time series model for data contextualisation and a comprehensive analytics experience are now available in preview.